To our valued clients, who are registered or want to get enrolled with SECP as private limited, public limited or companies, we offer following services;

  • Manual & eServices for incorporation/registration of private limited, public limited, small companies and Associations not for profit.
  • Registration of foreign companies' branches
  • Conversion of private limited companies into public limited and small companies into private limited & public companies and vice versa
  • Submission of statutory returns required under the law
  • Submission of quarterly, half yearly and annual audited financial statements with SECP.
  • Obtain certified copies of statutory returns submitted.
  • Inspection of Companies' records with SECP alongwith our report and comments regarding accuracy.
  • Correction of Companies' record with SECP based on our inspection.
  • Matters related to issuance and transfer of shares
  • Designing & printing of Share Certificate Books.
  • Registration, modification and satisfaction of mortgage & charges.
  • Change of Companies' name
  • Matters regarding appointment and removal of statutory external auditors.
  • Alteration in Companies' memorandum & articles of associations.
  • Change of registered office of companies.
  • Voluntary winding up of Companies.
  • Maintain corporate records – Directors/Shareholders register, Share Transfer Book, Share Certificate Book, Mortgage Book, Minute Book etc.
  • Handling matters related to directors' elections, removal, resignation and appointments.
  • Meetings & Proceedings - Handling matters related to Annual General Meetings (AGMs), Board of Directors Meetings (BODMs), Extra Ordinary General Meetings (EOGMs) and recording of minutes and agenda
  • Handling other matters related to management.

Further, we offer services including registration of Firms, societies & NGOs with governing bodies under the relevant laws.

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